Should I Invest in Real Estate During this Covid-19 Pandemic?

Dec 16, 2020

Should I Invest in Real Estate During this Covid-19 Pandemic?

4 reasons NOW is a good time to get into real estate

These are challenging times.

With Covid-19 on the rise, and no end in sight, many people are careful with their money.

I’ve had many people ask me whether now is a good time to invest in real estate. My network is wondering whether they should hold on until this pandemic passes or stabilizes.

While I understand the caution, I am telling people there are several reasons why now is an ideal time to invest. 

Here are 4 reasons why.

Fluctuating Stock Market

It used to be that the stock market was the investment of choice. I networked with people who were always looking for the next best company or some great tip to follow. Friends and coworkers learned how to navigate the stock market. And they made good money.

Nowadays, it doesn’t seem like a week goes by where there isn’t a massive fluctuation on Wall Street. Few people seem able to accurately predict the rise and fall amidst the many fears and concerns. 

By comparison, real estate is trustworthy and stable. There will always be demand for homes and apartments. 

You may even have a chance to move money from your retirement funds in the stock markets and put it into real estate.

Unprecedented Opportunities

There are many opportunities for buying properties right now, and they will only grow as time goes on. People who have long held their properties see now as an opportunity to cash in, getting some help during a difficult time for much of America. 

There will be homes coming onto the market. Apartments and businesses will go up for sale. There will even be opportunities for less conventional yet rewarding purchases like RV Parks, vineyards, or gyms. 

You don’t need to revel in people’s sorrow or misfortune, but you also don’t have to pass up the investments right in front of you.

Covid-19 Pandemic

Helping Hand

Are you like me? Do you find yourself up some nights worrying about the financial hardships many Americans are facing? You have a chance to help through real estate investment.

Some people can’t afford to pay their mortgages and are looking to sell. They don’t want to leave their homes but feel there is no choice for them.

As an investor, you have a chance to help people stay in their homes. You could purchase a home with the understanding that you will let the current owners stay. You get an investment that comes along with regular income from renters who care about the house. And families get to stay in their homes where so many of their memories took place.


Long-Term Gains

There is nothing like real estate investment for creating long-term financial gains and creating income sources for years to come.

Some people play a short game with real estate. They buy a rundown house, fix it up quickly, and sell it for significant profit. If the market is right, fixing and flipping can make sense.

I find that real estate is best over the long haul. Unlike the stock markets, real estate is something an investor physically has once purchased. And even if the housing markets see a collapse, like in 2008, real estate still brings in income through rentals.

And years of ownership will help any real estate investor see the value of their investment stabilize and climb.

Are you convinced that now is the time for you to invest? Or do you feel close to ready, but you still want to talk with someone who can help answer some of your questions?

Book your free strategy call with me here, and let me help you decide whether now is the right time for you!