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Author and Real Estate Innovator, Mechiel Kopaska transformed her career from IT professional to full time Real Estate Investor. Moving from a job she was passionate about but had no control over her schedule or life, she discovered the potential of Real Estate Investing.

She was hooked!

As an innovative problem solver, accomplished project manager, master connector and fearless action taker, she navigates investing opportunities and challenges head on. After years of experience in single homes, commercial buildings, and multi-family properties in different states, she is passionate about helping people solve real estate issues and find the freedom, wealth and satisfaction that she enjoys.

A Leader

The Innovation Roundtable
FEARLESS – Real Estate Innovator Group

Author of

WHY MY J.O.B. QUIT ME – jump start your firing

If you find yourself stuck in a J.O.B. (“Just Over Broke”), it really is time to jump-start your own firing, so you can go on to bigger and better things – the success you desire.

In Why My J.O.B. quite Me! I share my story and how I went from transitioning out of the corporate IT world to become an entrepreneur and my own boss of real estate investing.

Mechiel Kopaska’s Most Popular Interview Topics

How To Solve Financial Obstacles By Thinking Outside The ‘Bank’

Today’s economy creates many financial challenges for people, can you share some situations you help solve?

You say the BANK is NOT the only solution, can you share why?

How do we remove skepticism of thinking outside the ‘bank’?

How can someone get ahead (like own a home) even without credit?

How To Jump Start Your Firing and Create Your Own Wealth & Happiness

Share your story on how your job ‘quit you’ and how you went from transitioning out of the corporate IT world to become an entrepreneur and your own boss of real estate investing?

How can we become fearless, to create our own wealth
and happiness?

What are some secrets to embracing change and adapt?

How can we overcome financial worries?

How Any IT Professional Can Earn REAL Wealth With Less Stress

What frustrations do many IT Professionals feel when it comes to their wealth and financial potential?

What do they worry about the most?

How can one leverage their savings to PROFIT without the risk and stress?

What tips can you give someone that wants to get into Real Estate Investing?


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