Fearless Innovator Podcast - From Cubicles to Cashflow with Mechiel Kopaska

From Cubicles to Cashflow is for everyone wanting to start their real estate adventure while you’re working at your J.O.B and the desire to earn cashflow on the side using real estate.

Follow me, as I take you on a journey of how I went from sitting in a cubicle for 25 years to investing in real estate and earning cashflow! You will learn from my mistakes and share in my rewards.

I’m Mechiel Kopaska and I’m the host of the Fearless Innovator Podcast. I’ve been investing in real estate since 2000 and I might just know a little bit about quitting your J.O.B and becoming a full time real estate investor.

Marketing is NOT my thing

If there is one thing I know for sure, I know that marketing is critical to the success of any business, and I know this is one of my least favorite things to do and it’s a weakness because I don’t like it.  You may be thinking, then how are you...

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4 steps to take before purchasing an RV Park

No matter what kind of real estate opportunity it is, we must do a thorough job of dissecting all the moving parts prior to a purchase, just like when I was a Project Manager in IT.  What do I mean by that?  Hi, I’m Mechiel Kopaska the host of the...

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I Love Bad Reviews

Depending on who you are, what you’re looking for or where you’re going, prior reviews of a property or experience really matter.  I’m Mechiel Kopaska host of the Fearless Innovator podcast and That’s what we’re talking about today is I love bad...

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Differences between Destination and Overnight Parks

Back in the day when I was little, we planned camping trip routes to our destination like Opryland, but we didn’t necessarily plan where we would stop for the night and park our motorhome.   If we came upon a campground that was full, we’d just...

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RV Park Exit Strategy Disasters

One of the best ways to ensure you get the best price on your RV park when you sell it, is to keep great accounting records of everything you do in the park.  I’m Mechiel Kopaska and this is the Fearless Innovator Podcast and today we’re going to...

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Best ways to fund or invest in an RV Park

Welcome back!  In this episode we’re going to discuss the best ways to fund or invest in an RV park? In Episode 43 – My Civil Engineer Rocks – you learned of 2 development opportunities that I had evaluated.  When working on development projects...

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Find your dream RV destination

Welcome back!  In this episode of Find your dream RV destination, I’m going to share with you 11 ways to locate your perfect RV destination. When my mom and dad decided in the 90’s to get their first camper (back then they weren’t called RV’s) they...

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My Civil Engineer Rocks

Over that past several months, I have been trying to determine if I want to develop an RV park or purchase an existing RV park.  Today, for the most part, I’m still undecided. Here’s why.  It all depends on what makes the most sense from a...

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Lessons learned from the Tampa RV Super Show

Every January, since I don’t know when, Tampa has hosted the Tampa RV Super Show.  I believe it’s called a Super Show because all the heavy hitters are in town.  Who are the heavy hitters?   General RV, Lazy Days, Camping World and Airstream of...

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Good morning, I bet you’ve all been wondering where did that Fearless Innovator, go? Right?  Well, I owe, YOU, my listeners a huge apology and I think you can tell by the sound of my voice, that I’ve not been feeling well.  Yup, I caught the...

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