New Goals for 2022

Jan 13, 2022

It’s a new year, I have new energy and a new focus.  Every year about this time I sit down and write out my goals for the year.  I’ve been doing this for a long time!

 I can tell you this, not always do I accomplish my goals that year but at some point I do accomplish them.  It’s most rewarding when I can go back and cross them off my list.  I was also not great at spelling out exactly how I would accomplish those goals, but for some reason as long as I kept them in my mind and always thinking about them, they all would eventually come to fruition. 

In my last episode of Refecting on 2021, I told you that I never make resolutions. That’s true!  I feel like you’re just setting yourself up for failure.  Instead, I focus on the action of what it takes to reach that goal.

Each year, I focus on a business, personal and spirtual goal. I don’t overcomplicate it.  I try to make it achievable. 

Last year, my focus was to bring 2 Short Term Rentals online, maintain my health status(my last checkup was excellent – my cardiologist wanted to know what I was doing because my tests were better than the prior year!)  and I committed to attend church and small groups regularly.

What actually happened was way more than I planned for!

2 short term rentals

Got to travel in my RV for 3 months

Went to Laconia NH for Bike Fest

Started Podcasting

Got engaged!

Here are 6 things I’ve done in the past that may help you focus on your new goals.

1).   Quit making resolutions!  Make solid goals and work at your goals, daily, monthly and weekly.

2).  I used to be a diet coke-aholic.  Instead of saying, I quit drinking Diet Coke.  I did this instead.  I quit buying diet coke and replaced it with Green Tea.  I haven’t drank a diet coke or any soda for that matter for over 10 years.  It’s simply not a part of my diet any longer!

3).  Exercising has become a priority.  My dad died of the widow maker – which is essentially a silent killer.  When I went to my cardiologist I discovered I have the same silent killer.  One of his recommendations was to work out.  Most people will make the goal to go to the gym to workout so they can loose weight.  I don’t!  First I’m encouraged to go because health reasons and honestly, my body will tell me if I’ve mistreated it.  Here’s the way I think about it.  My plan is to go to the gym at least 3 times a week.  If I can’t go to the gym, I get on my bicycle – something that maintains action on a consistent basis for my body.  I never park close to any store, I will walk.  The key here is to be consistent.  I never focus on my weight! I focus on routine and being consistent!  Guess what happens?  The weight falls off!

4). Develop daily routines – I know what I’m doing each day the night before.  At the end of each day, I write down what it is that I’m going to accomplish the next day.  The next day, after completing the tasks – my day is complete.  These tasks are all related to my goals for the year.  The key here again is to stay consistent!

5).  Quit telling yourself you don’t have enough time.  That’s bull pucky!  Make the time, get up early if you have too, go to bed early and find your mo-jo!  I’m not talking about coffee with a bunch of creamer either!  Get moving our bodies were meant to stay in motion, not lay around and be lazy!

6).  Get great sleep!  Sleep is critical.  Get the 7-8 hours our bodies need.  I know if I’ve slept good, it’s gonna be a great day!

I believe that for the reasons I mentioned above I feel young or maybe I’m just telling myself I’m younger than what my calendar age is. 

Now you’re wondering, OK, Mechiel what are you going to focus on next year, right?  Well, I’m glad you asked!

You know how they always say that in order to learn something new, you have to step outside your comfort zone???  Well, I’m going to step way outside my comfort zone and I’m going to hang on ledge – no I’m not going rock climbing but it may feel like it to me.

For my personal goal – I will be getting married!  Prior to the marriage Kurt and I will be attending a couples group at Grace Family Church.  Once the class is complete, we will have a small wedding and then we’re going to Hawaii for our honeymoon. 

Spirtual Goal – Kurt and I will continue to attend GFC weekly, attend couples small groups and volunteer.  I will also be attending the Beautiful Conference for Women February 4th and 5th at Grace Family Church.  I highly encourage this for all women – the speaker this year is Lisa Harper.  She’s a hilarious story teller!  You will laugh so hard your stomach will hurt.

Business Goal – OK, here’s the big ta dah!  What I haven’t yet talked about on my podcast is what I’m doing behind the scenes of my podcast and behind my real estate transactions.  For the past 2 years, I have been traveling between GA and anywhere north of Tampa doing research on RV Parks. Collectively, I have worked with at least 6 sellers and visited over 30 RV parks.  Why?  Because I made a goal a long time ago to own an RV park and this year I’m going to make it happen!  Ever since my mom and dad stayed in an RV park in Dade City, I’ve wanted to own one!  NOW is the time!

I have gained enough knowledge over the past 2 years, to know what I want, how it’s going to work, where I want it and why I want ite and who’s going to help me.

I wasn’t able to negotiate any great deals with the 6 sellers that I met and I was Ok with that, because with each opportunity, I learned something new and I met great people!  Now, with everything I’ve learned collectively, I’m ready to move forward.

What kind of park am I looking for?  I’m looking for either a mom and pop park that’s ready to call it quits in Florida or I’ll even consider developing a park.  Maybe there’s an existing park already generating income with the potential to expand another 20 acres.

How am I going to do this?  First, I need investors!  I’m looking to partner on deals and give a fair rate of return for Angel Investors.  If you’re an Angel investor and you need a place to park some money, I know this girl that’s going to have an RV Opportunity soon!

How am I going to find the park?  I’ve put together a marketing strategy that will hopefully snag the park I’m looking for and I’ve got you, my listeners.  If you know of anyone that has an RV/Mobile Home park in Florida and they are ready to retire!  Reach out to me at

What are my plans with the park?  Let’s just say that with my technical background, technology will play a role with this park!  It is my plan to get this park up and running with limited interaction and limited personnel running it.

Who’s going to help me?  You know it takes a team.  I’m already building my team.   I have mentors in place, Civil Engineering in place, I even have experience working with county level governments.

Do I have an exit strategy?  Yes, I do!  On the surface, it’s a 5 to 7 year plan but we may decide that when the park is producing steady cashflow we may just keep it going until we decide to part with it. 

I’m very excited for 2022 to get started as I have a lot of work to do, so that’s it for now.

I’ll see you next Thursday on the Fearless Innovator Podcast.

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