Why My J.o.b. Quit Me

jump start your firing

If you find yourself stuck in a J.O.B. (“Just Over Broke”), it really is time to jump-start your own firing, so you can go on to bigger and better things – the success you desire.

In Why My J.O.B. quite Me! I share my story and how I went from transitioning out of the corporate IT world to become an entrepreneur and my own boss of real estate investing.

You’ll learn that despite what you believe, failure IS an option for becoming successful, and taking risks is not only okay but encouraged. Throughout the book I weave in my own background to help you understand and embrace the need for fearlessness, discipline, adaptability and of course drive and determination.

You will learn:

  • Five routines to stay focused and streamline your processes.
    how and why getting quiet is sometimes more important than taking action.
  • How to embrace change and adapt
  • How to overcome financial worries
  • How to embrace risks
  • Five attitudes every entrepreneur must develop in order to run a prosperous business

I want to inspire you, entertain you and motivate you to jump-start your OWN firing and become your own boss, be financially free and create your dream life!

Available In Paperback & Only $4.95 on Kindle!

What Others Are Saying

“I love the way Mechiel tells a story – they really hit home and illustrate important points to get unstuck and get ahead. An easy read and inspiring story!”

Lyndsay Phillips, Smooth Business Growth