Why Investing in RV Parks Is The Next BIG Thing!

Oct 7, 2020

Investing in RV Parks

People are always looking for the next big thing in real estate investment. Getting onboard a new trend before others do can set you apart from the masses. Being an early adopter of a significant and lucrative investment can skyrocket your success and have others begging for our secret!

You may not believe me when I tell you what the next big thing in REI is. You might even chuckle a bit, or think to yourself that I have no clue. And that will be your loss. 

But if you’re interested in drastically increasing your profits by tapping into a market that too few people are thinking and talking about, keep reading.

The next big thing in real estate is…investing in RV Parks. And here’s why.


Every RV Park in my area, and anywhere I went, this past summer was full. With overseas travel restrictions and many other activities shut down, people filled campsites all across the country. Tents, sleeping bags, and more were all in short supply this summer. It seemed like everyone I knew was going camping.

RVing has seen a dramatic climb recently. This past year there was a massive spike in RV sales, according to Business Insider. Some companies were struggling to keep up with demand. 

As people spent much of the year inside, the urge to get out is high. And with thousands of new RV’s on the road for years to come, the demand for places to park them won’t shrink anytime soon.


One of the best aspects of an RV Park is the number of units an investor can rent out. Most parks can fit dozens of RVs into their sites, while some can reach into the hundreds. 

And it’s not just about the number of units but the usage. It’s rare to have an empty spot in the busiest seasons in areas of high interest. RV Parks don’t often have to work hard for bookings. A sound reservation system goes a long way.


RV Parks are also versatile in the market they attract. For the summer months, some young families travel over weekends or for family holidays. The shoulder months bring empty nesters or retired couples looking for a quiet getaway.

At other times in the year, RV Parks rent out to people for longer stops, charging by the week or month for use of their site and services. There is no off-season for RV Parks.


The population of our country is aging. The older generations are retiring from their jobs with savings to spare while being short on the sort of experiences they wanted from life. For many, buying an RV to tour the continent is a dream that’s coming of age. 

Services are expanding for renting RVs, as well. Most rental companies allow customers to rent an RV for weeks and months. Other companies will set up an RV at a specific site for their customers, even doing the dirty work of dumping and cleaning afterward. All the customer does is book a spot, rent an RV, and show up.

More people are booking RV Parks than ever before. The benefits of having an in-demand business as your next real estate investment are undeniable.

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