Fun Facts For Future Campers

Jun 23, 2022

It’s national go RVing or camping month and in this episode, we’re going to play a little game of did you know?  While I was attending the RV Park Conference two weeks ago, I learned some very interesting facts about camping.   Some of these facts for those of you on the fence about camping, you may just find that you’re going to suffer from FOMO – you know Fear of missing out syndrome? But for the rest of you, you’re planning your next camping trip!

Did you know that in 2021 there were 93.8 million active campers in the US?  The population of the United States is 332 million.  It’s time to entice the remaining 238 million that camping is the new way to travel this summer, for work or extended stays!

56.9 million of those campers camped at least 1-time last year.

9.1 million were first time campers.

Covid most definitely had an impact on those numbers as we tried to distance ourselves and escape back to nature. 

Who’s camping?

Back when my mom and dad would come to Florida for the winter, the demographic was easy to identify as you drove through any park.  They were all retirees or baby boomers!  Today, it’s a combination of Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z.  They are all finding their own way to afford this new lifestyle. 

The new camper is likely to include a majority of non-white’s including 22% of black campers.

It may be hard to believe but millennials are digging this too, and yet they maintain their style by going glamping. For those not familiar with the word glamping it’s a combination of Glamourous meets camping – glamping.  

What does that look like?  Think of an insulated teepee with fluffy bedding and an AC unit also known as Yurts.  Treehouses are quite popular too!  You have to say they are quite creative! 

Did you know?

That 56% of campers prefer tent camping?  This one blew my mind!  I thought for sure it would have been RV’ing but let’s face it, we all started out tent camping and graduated our way up to an RV as our desire for finer things were enhanced by our age and level of income. Tent camping is running in first place over the last 3 years!

54% are millennials?

54% are non-white campers?

And to say nothing good came out of Covid would be an understatement. 

Did you know that 21.5 million people will be camping over the 4th of July holiday, and if you haven’t made your reservations yet, you may be too late!

Why are people camping?

Like I mentioned above, it may have been caused out of a need for security and safety after the Covid pandemic.  Campers also agree that it helps with emotional well-being, helps to escape the day-to-day grind and relieves stress and it improves relationships with your family or friends, or they just want to sit around a campfire.  Sign me up for that one any day!  I get lost just looking at the dancing flames. 

In 2022 they are predicting 61.3 million camping households in the US.

I’m Mechiel Kopaska of the Fearless Innovator Podcast, thank you for listening and I hope you found this information helpful.