Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt Today!

Jan 8, 2021

Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt Today!

Take Control of Your Finances Through Better Debt Management

Credit cards help in many situations. Need to book a flight or rent a car? Falling a little bit short on cash at the end of the month? We’ve all had those moments when our credit card has saved us.

Yet it’s too easy for credit card use to get out of control. Don’t have enough money to go on your family vacation? Need to stock up on wine over the holidays, but you spent everything on presents? Charge it!

Charges add up quickly, and credit card debt grows quickly and eventually escalates out of control!

Most credit cards come with a 16 to 24% interest charge on all purchases not immediately paid off. No other loan comes with such high rates! On top of interest, some companies charge insurance coverage, which rivals the monthly interest. Extra charges can occur without the card carrier’s awareness or approval.

If we don’t deal with debt, significant portions of our income can dwindle in dealing with what we owe. One of the best ways to better handle our finances, even to get ahead, is to eliminate credit card debt.

Here are a few options to handle debt…

Spend Less

The first thing people try is to spend less money. We cut down expenditures, update our personal budgets, and scrimp and save. If we work at it, there are always some places where our money is going to waste.

There is often only so far this method can take us as most people or families got into the trouble of debt because they had more bills than they could cover.

credit card debt

Work More

Some people look to work more hours or find another job or side hustle to add more cash flow. Others might look to position themselves for a raise or find other work that will pay better.

While extra work can help, not everyone can fit more hours into their already full days and schedules. There are also massive amounts of people looking for work right now as the pandemic has disrupted work for many.

Others aren’t willing to give up the little time they already have with their families to work another job. And some can’t afford to put their kids in expensive daycare programs that will suck away most of their income from a new job. 

If you can get more hours or an extra job to work down debt, this is a good option. For many, though, this won’t work.

Get A Loan

Have you considered getting a loan to pay off your debt? You might think going into debt to pay down another debt doesn’t make sense. But this could be one of the best and most overlooked options available. 

Any other loan you get will likely have lower rates than your credit card. Banks provide low-interest loans, but not everyone can get a loan from their bank.

If you own a home, you could take out a second mortgage, refinancing your house, and bringing extra money your way. People often use this for renovations, but it can also be an excellent way to deal with debt as interest rates are quite low.

If you don’t want to refinance, I have another option for you. 

I can pay off your credit card debt, up to $20,000, and will give you interest rates at half of what you’re currently paying. This loan gets secured with a second position on your house. 

You will pay off your debt faster and with lower payments. You can get out from under debt and get ahead in your finances.

If you are interested in this offer, click this link to get in touch with me. I want to help you eliminate your credit card debt.