Crushing Debt Podcast

Mar 29, 2021

Do you find yourself stuck in a J.O.B. (“Just Over Broke”)? If so, can you jump-start your own firing, freeing yourself to move on to bigger and better things and attain the success that you desire.

I was recently interviewed by friend Shawn Yesner on the Crushing Debt Podcast. Was so much fun!

I shared my story and how I went about transitioning out of the corporate IT world to become an entrepreneur and my own boss in the world of real estate investing.

I share how failure IS an option for becoming successful and taking risks is not only okay but encouraged and in my book I want to encourage others to embrace the need for fearlessness, discipline, adaptability, and drive and determination.

I love to be fearless. It’s how I live my life and runs my business. My success in real estate investing came through the school of hard knocks, rather than paying gurus for their “courses”. We had a fun chat about my story and my book. Take a listen!

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