Advantages and Disadvantages of Big Rigs

May 12, 2022

So, you’ve gone out and upgraded your fifth wheel pull behind to a Class A Motorcoach.  There are several things to consider when you upgrade or for that matter change from a tow vehicle and an RV pull behind to what they call diesel pushers.  

I’m Mechiel Kopaska of the Fearless Innovator Podcast and today discuss several challenges and advantages of owning a Class A motorhome.

Here are some of the disadvantages of owning a Class A Motorhome

  • Let’s consider buying a Class A.  New Class A’s start around $75,000 and go upwards of $2 million with the average sitting somewhere around $350,000. You may want to consider buying a used Class A Motorhome for a less expensive approach.  The cost of maintenance is also high.
  • How do I run to the grocery store? It’s highly unlikely, that you will use your 45’ Class A to run down to the grocery store  and doing errands, so now you have to decide what you’re going to use for excursions and grocery shopping!  I’ve known several people that will drive another vehicle like a jeep or smaller vehicle to their destination along with the Class A, but that can become pricey!    I just saw a Class A over the weekend that was towing a fully enclosed trailer behind their Class A.  I know my F150 would have fit in that trailer!  Others will tow smaller vehicles like a smart car that’s more fuel efficient.  I know last summer when we were in Iowa, we saw that MacDaddy Space Craft RV being towed with a semi-truck, on the back of the semi-truck was a very small, enclosed box.   One day we happen to catch the guy unloading what was in the small box – and out came a smart car!  Smart guy but this was over the top!  If you don’t know about the Space Craft RV – it’s a custom RV and they only make 10 of them in one year!
  • Class A motorhomes are like driving a BUS.  First off, how many people actually get the experience necessary to drive one of these big rigs!  Driving a truck with a pull behind has its challenges, like backing up.  Well, when you’re in  drive a Class A, they are typically longer up to 45’ and they have height requirements, too and guess what they don’t bend, so taking corners is like taking square corners and if you don’t, you’ve just ran over something or you’ve hit something.  Now let’s add a small trailer on the back, that you can’t even see, so most put cameras on the back so they can keep on eye on them during transit.  Ok, you’ve arrived at your destination, how and where do you disconnect that trailer, get the car out and park your rig?  These are all things to consider!
  • They call them Diesel pushers for a reason! Fuel tank sizes on a Class A can range from 50 gallons to 250 gallons! Ok, let’s see I just checked the diesel price at my local Race Trac, and it says I’ll pay $5.09 today for a gallon of diesel, that’s $1272.50 for 250 gallons and we may need to stop again before we reach our destination! If you have no concern for money, you’re good!  You can always get discounts on Fuel with memberships like Good Sam and others!
  • What parks can accommodate the size of this rig?  Today, there is a shortage of Upscale RV Resorts that will have the width, the length and turning radius needed to accommodate a big rig!  I’ve found a couple of things that may help you in your search!   There is a website called Upscale RV Resorts and you guessed it; they also have an App for that!  They even have a FB group called Upscale RV Resorts that you can join after agreeing to their rules.  Jim Wolfe is the administrator and he’s doing a great job monitoring and holding you accountable for your content.  So go join the group but be nice!  As I mentioned in Episode 51 – How to tell the difference between campground, RV park or Resort, my park will be an Upscale RV Resort, so I’ll be adding mine to their website soon!

Advantages of Owning a Class A Motorhome:

Ok, now that you know some of the down sides to owning a Class A motorhome, there are some really great advantages too!

Comfortable as a couch on the road – Unlike the tow vehicle and tow behind RV where the ride is seriously bumpy and clunky, Class A’s offer superior riding comfort, you don’t have the discomfort of a bumpy road, it’s as comfy as a couch!

Roomy Interior – Class A motorhomes can be as long as 45 ft and when the three slides are opened, you’ll extend to up to 14’ wide giving you an extra 400 square feet of additional living space. Most are equipped with a King size bed, a lot of closet space in the living area and the storage space below is enough to store plenty of clothing and supplies.  The kitchen will have upgraded granite features with a full-sized refrigerator.  Outside the kitchen will be a full-sized bathroom with a larger shower.  In the hallway, you’ll be equipped with a washer and dryer!  This makes it a perfect full-time home!  You have everything you need.

Luxury at its Finest – Most Class A motorhomes are well constructed with the highest grade of cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, tile flooring, and riding comfort.  Sitting in the captains’ chair reminds me a flight cockpit!

You want a sandwich? – No problem!  “Hey honey, can you make me a sandwich, our next pit stop is another 2 hours away and I’m hungry.”  The passenger while in transit has the ability to get out of the passenger’s chair, step up into the kitchen and make you sandwich all while traveling down the road.  Now, if the driver needs to tinkle, well, you’d better stop somewhere for that one!

Where do I put my motorcycle or golf cart?  You’re in luck!  They make class A’s that have storage underneath your King Bed.  It’s enough space for 1 motorcycle or 1 golf cart!  I’m not ready to quit riding my own bike, so I’d be more interested in towing our bikes with a small vehicle.  Guess what?  They also make a 2-story elevated open trailers!  You put the bikes on top and your small car below on the first level.  There’s an answer for everything!

Automatic Systems – You’ve just arrived at your resort and it’s time to setup.  Easy peasy!  All your leveling systems are automatic with the touch of a button!  No more running around the coach and manually lowering your levelers.  You paid big bucks for this rig, so it should be automated!   I know when I got my first RV, I had to take a 3-hour training course to understand all the button and gadgets, understanding this rig will take loads of practice!

I’m Mechiel Kopaska of the Fearless Innovator Podcast, I hope you found this information helpful! 

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