About Me

There is something you should know about me, which is central to how I live my life and handle my business. I'm Fearless.

From being fully submerged in the IT world as a project manager, churning and burning – I realized I wanted MORE. I wanted Passive Income. I wanted my money to work FOR me, instead of constantly working for my money! Working 80-hour weeks was enough!

After learning how to find, fund, fix and sometimes flip single family and multifamily properties I then ventured into the commercial real estate development space with a focus in RV Parks and Entertainment venues, I know how to seize opportunities, implement fearlessly, solve problems, raise capital, negotiate and manage multiple projects and I can help you do the same! Skip the hard lessons, shorten your time frame and get right to the ROI. 

It may sound like an exaggeration or like I’m saying it to impress you. Or you might think I’m trying to coax you into investing in me. The thing is, I don’t live to make others think highly of me. I don’t worry about what other people perceive in me. I only know how to be myself, regardless of what people think or say. And the only way I can live is to represent myself as I truly am. And this part of me that you need to know influences everything I do. So here it is: I am fearless.

I grew up with a dad who showed no fear.

I never saw him worry or fret. If there were a problem, he would handle it. There were no issues that were too big or too hard for my dad to solve. I’m sure there were struggles that he had, but I never saw them, and that helped set the trajectory for the way I live my life. There are no obstacles that I don’t see as opportunities. If I want to do something, there is nothing that will get in my way. From jumping out of planes to tackling projects that are entirely new to me, I won’t back down from a challenge.

For years, I worked as a Project Manager in the IT industry.

I thrive in environments where there are massive amounts of moving parts and shifting landscapes. IT was perfect for my desire for variety and change. I could solve any problems that came my way, but I grew tired of the long hours. There was never a break in the urgency and demand. I saw my whole life going towards my job. I was doing work that I loved, and I was amazing at it, but I was not in control of my life. I wanted more freedom to do the things I loved, both during work and after. My company thought they could give me more money or promote me to another position. I was tired of watching the hours of my days and weeks drain away. I needed to do something different. And because I didn’t fit into the tidy box my company had, they fired me. So, in the end, I got what I wanted!

While working in IT, I got into Real Estate Investing.

I had no experience with real estate and no idea what I was doing. But I had a vision where I could end up in a place of freedom and true wealth. I bought my first rental to help out a friend who wanted to be closer to her daughter. I didn’t know how to screen tenants, fix pipes, or keep the books straight, but I figured it out. After 11 years, I had fixed and rented out eight different properties. When my time in IT was up, I jumped into full-time real estate investing. I bought and sold my first commercial building the next year, making a huge profit on my initial investment. I added hard money lending to my portfolio, and am currently putting my focus on RV parks. Dream big or go home, right?

Even though there was so much I didn’t know about real estate investing, I didn’t let that stop me.

I quickly discovered the things I didn’t know, and I did what I had to do to learn how to do them or find other people who knew. The connections I have are key. Wherever I’ve been, I’ve always connected with people. I can have long conversations with strangers in the parking lot of the grocery store! And those chats can turn into mutually beneficial relationships in work or life. I found out that my network had the skills and perspective I needed for real estate investing. And when they didn’t, I went and got to know someone else who could help. I’ve always been able to find things for people, whether it’s a place to live or someone to help with a life problem. I’m always looking for people to work with and create meaningful partnerships, for myself or others. I’m not afraid to meet new people, ask for what I need, or put myself out there.

Mechiel Kopaska
Real Estate Innovator


I choose not to be afraid because fear is a waste of time.

We all have people, situations, or things that bring up our insecurities and fears. Whether it’s leaving the security of a job, being vulnerable with the people we love or taking a risk on a new venture, we can always find something to worry about that will cause us to fear. But fear is just another thing that controls us, takes away our choices, and destroys our ability to thrive. If I don’t know how to do something, I don’t need to be afraid. I see that as a chance to learn something new and prove to myself that there is nothing I can’t accomplish. Too many people let fear dictate their choices. There is always a price to following the easy path and making decisions because we’re afraid.

There are very few people who live without fear.

I was privileged to have profound examples of this in my life. I can be this example for you. I can help you take your first, or next, step forward, no matter what concerns or worries you have. When you live without fear, nothing is impossible.