Fearless Innovator Podcast - From Cubicles to Cashflow with Mechiel Kopaska

From Cubicles to Cashflow is for everyone wanting to start their real estate adventure while you’re working at your J.O.B and the desire to earn cashflow on the side using real estate.

Follow me, as I take you on a journey of how I went from sitting in a cubicle for 25 years to investing in real estate and earning cashflow! You will learn from my mistakes and share in my rewards.

I’m Mechiel Kopaska and I’m the host of the Fearless Innovator Podcast. I’ve been investing in real estate since 2000 and I might just know a little bit about quitting your J.O.B and becoming a full time real estate investor.

Catch Me Later

Well folks it’s come down to this, go after my dream and find that RV Park or continue with the Fearless Innovator Podcast. Unfortunately, I am choosing to go after my dream.  That doesn’t mean it’s the end of me or the Fearless Innovator podcast,...

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10 Best Reasons To Choose RVing Over Flying

I like to visit with my short-term rental guests, but only those that want to chat.  When they learn that we live in our RV in the barn that’s on premise, they start asking a lot of questions, like so you moved out of your 4-bedroom house with a...

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Fun Facts For Future Campers

It’s national go RVing or camping month and in this episode, we’re going to play a little game of did you know?  While I was attending the RV Park Conference two weeks ago, I learned some very interesting facts about camping.   Some of these facts...

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New Technology for the RV guest experience

WOW! For those of you who own an RV Park, or want to  own and RV Park, like me, attending an RV Park Conference will put your whole body into a tailspin! The shear amount of knowledge in every session was well worth the money we spent to attend. ...

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Elon Musk helps the RV Industry

One of the challenges I’ve faced when traveling and working out of my RV is getting high speed internet service.  It’s estimated that over 1 million people are living in their RV’s Full time.  For those that work out of their RV’s it’s challenging...

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If I’m a Full Time RV’er where’s home

Last year, when I went rogue and went home to Iowa for 3 months in my RV, there were several things I had to do to prepare for the length of time I would be gone.  I had short term rentals that I personally managed and I had other real estate...

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4 Best Ways to Improve the Bottom Line

I know when I quit my J.O.B to become a full time Real Estate investor, I did several things to improve the bottom line. 1) cut up credit cards 2). Reviewed every expense I had and called all utilities, other expenses and insurance company looking...

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2022 RV Park Conference

In Episode 50 – Marketing is NOT my thing, I mentioned that I had learned that the RV space I’m playing in is called Outdoor Hospitality.  I had never heard anyone refer to it as that before.  Because I’d never heard it, I did what most curious...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Big Rigs

So, you’ve gone out and upgraded your fifth wheel pull behind to a Class A Motorcoach.  There are several things to consider when you upgrade or for that matter change from a tow vehicle and an RV pull behind to what they call diesel pushers.   I’m...

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