Why Innovation Is Key In Life & Real Estate Investing

If you aren’t innovating, you aren’t making strides in your success. I have always been an innovator, it’s in my blood, it’s part of who I am and has been consistent through my real estate investing journey.

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Get Unstuck From Your Real Estate Or Financial Problems

Selling a home or relocating can be exciting, but not every situation is joyful and not all real estate situation is easy to navigate and allow you to still come out ahead.

For many, it can be the most challenging times in their lives. Add in the pressure of working with lawyers, realtors, banks, and more, and stress multiples quickly.

I thrive when helping people with their real estate and financial decisions during difficult times in their lives. I love to bring calm in the chaos, and I always focus on win-win for everyone involved.

Here are some situations where I can help.


Separation and divorce are among the most common and challenging situations driving home sales. In some cases, one of the individuals will keep the house but refinance to buy the other out. While this can work, the cleanest way to separate marriage assets is to sell.

Not everyone wants to keep the shared home. Often, memories and experiences are hard to leave behind, especially when you live in the house where they happened. And sometimes going through a traditional real estate agent is NOT the best solution for a quick turnaround with less stress.

Inherited Home

Speaking of complex emotions, inheriting a home can bring up a whole mess of feelings. For one, someone close to you has died for you to inherit a house. Even if your relationship wasn’t very healthy, there are still massively complicated feelings that arise. You may want to get rid of the house, but you might also feel guilty for wanting to sell.

Not only are the emotions hard to work through, but there are also complications with the will and timing of a sale. Probate and legalities can slow everything down and add ridiculous confusion into the process. In times like these, we need help to know what to do.


You might need to sell your home because you are close to foreclosure. You bought a rental property right before the bottom fell out of the market. Even though you have tenants, if they move out, leaving your place empty for a month or two, or if there is a significant repair needing to take place, you don’t know how you’ll pay for it. Maybe you lost your job or saw your finances take a hit because of Covid-19. You’re struggling to get by, and you don’t know how you’re going to pay the mortgage next month or a few months down the road. You could have even missed a payment or two already, and the letters are starting to come.

Foreclosure is a demoralizing and stressful place to be. The good news is that banks don’t want to do it, so I can provide alternate solutions for you.

 Need to Relocate Quickly

Sometimes you need to sell fast because life happens fast. You got a new job in another town, or you’re making an offer on a new house with more space. Your parents are getting old and need more time and care. You don’t have the money to pay for rent and a mortgage, or two mortgages, so you’re worried about selling in time. I can find a creative solution to help you meet your goals and still create a financial win for you.

Credit Card Debt

Other debts could be crushing you. If your credit card debt or student loan payments have gotten out of hand, you may feel selling your house is the best available option. Debt causes anxiety, and it is tough to get out from under it once it hits a tipping point. Let’s find a way to get you out of debt and get ahead.

Many people have come to me to be financially free of debt, to own a home even though they have bad credit, get out of rental properties, get ahead on their mortgages and get ‘unstuck’.

This is my superpower!

I love to help all kinds of people with ANY real estate situation and with ANY level of real estate investing experience. Let’s see how I can help you best..

Perhaps you want to get involved in real estate investing in a bigger way, to supplement your income or replace it and want to know HOW or what kind of investing is right for you.

Reap the rewards of passive income through Real Estate Investing, with peace of mind knowing your investments are looked after, without the headaches and stress!

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